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From the natural springs of the Blue Ridge Mountains to your office or home.

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Family-owned and Georgia grown. We’re proud to serve our community.

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Our commitment to the best quality water extends to our coffee, tea and more.

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Two simple elements. A handful of minerals. And lots of heart.

Water is our lifeblood. It replenishes us. It’s minerals nourish us and keep us moving. Without it, we wouldn’t exist. And that’s how we feel about the communities and customers we serve. Without them we wouldn’t exist. We source our water from natural springs in the Blue Ridge Mountains and deliver it to homes and businesses across northern Georgia. And we’d like to think we’re a small part of making their day a little better.

Our Products

We deliver more than water. We deliver a promise.

To some water is water. And coffee is just something you drink in the morning to wake up. But our customers in and around Atlanta demand more. They want the peace of mind that comes from buying the best quality water, coffee and tea from someone they know and trust. We work hard to deliver quality products and the best customer experience. And even harder to earn and keep our the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Our Water

A precious commodity. Delivered with care.

Only 2.5% of Earth’s water is fresh water. And 98.8% of it is ice. Of the 1.2% that is liquid, 70% is used for agriculture. Fresh, pure drinking water is truly precious and not something we take for granted. And neither do our customers.

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Georgia through and through.

From our natural springs in Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to our headquarters in Marietta, to the communities we deliver to in and around Atlanta — Fontis is a Georgia company serving Georgians.

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Our Story

It starts at the top.

From our founder to our drivers and everyone in between, the people here at Fontis believe wholeheartedly in what we do. Since 2003, we’ve been bottling spring water from a pristine deep rock source on family-owned land nestled high in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. It's more than our business. It’s our lives’ passion.

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We’re here to provide our customers with the best quality natural spring water, break room supplies water filtration systems for home and office. And most importantly we’re here to provide a great customer experience.